Emergency Assistance is Available from

Warren County Community Services (WCCS)

Call (513)970-6737 To Make an Appointment

Emergency Services was begun in 1985 by several local churches to serve as a pantry for needy families in Mason and Deerfield Township. IT was a United Way Agency from 1999 and at that time began providing financial assistance for famlies who are about to be evicted as well as help with utility bills to avoid disconnects. And it continued to help families buy food. In 2006 FAITH added a ministry to provide new clothes for students in Mason and Kings school districts. In 2017 FAITH expanded the coverage of emergency services to include South Lebanon, OH.

FAITH continued to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021 (by phone instead of face-to-face client meetings). In 2022 a transition began to move operations of FAITH to Warren County Community Services (WCCS). After December 31, 2022 FAITH Emergency Services was closed and was no longer accepting donations. All FAITH assets were transfered to WCCS.

Over the years that FAITH was operating it was funded by many generous individuals as well as the following organizations. FAITH and the residents of Warren County were blessed to have these organizations and indivuals provide this support.

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